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Overcomers Academy offers interactive online courses, resources, and support to help individuals build better mental health. Get Started with tailored programs for life-changing results.
What We offer

Online Mental Health Courses & Training to grow and overcome

We are offering practical education courses and workshops for all ages!

Affordable Pricing

Our courses are priced at a more affordable rate than traditional individual counseling.

Learn Actionable Skills

Our courses will help you develop new skills that you can use now.

Grow At Your Pace

Take any of our courses when you want and then come back to the course when you're ready.
About Us

Why choose Overcomers?

Often fear can rule our lives and hinder our potential. We believe in facing fear and eliminating it, so we can truly live freely and fully. We are passionate about assisting clients in becoming the best version of themselves. Life stressors often hinder one's abilities to put their best foot forward; we strive to partner with clients to face these stressors head-on. Our solution-focused approach strives to help clients be effective, successful and well-balanced individuals.
Through a collaborative relationship, we create a safe and trustworthy environment. In this space, clients can see their goals become a reality. 

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High Quality



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Achieve your Goals

High quality mental health courses for all of us

Completing online continuing education courses is a great way to stay current on the latest techniques and procedures, as well as keeping current on the most important legislation and regulations.

Our Courses

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